The Phoenix Process

Through our four-step service process, Phoenix Staffing delivers the right people and the best results every time.

Step 1: Needs Assessment and Consulting

  • The process begins with a consultant from Phoenix Staffing meeting with you to assess your needs.
  • Working in close collaboration with you, we will identify not only the technical and functional skills required for the position, but also the behavioral traits needed for the optimum fit.

Step 2: Employee Sourcing

  • We will then aggressively research the market using an array of search methodologies to identify suitable candidates.

Step 3: Employee Screening

  • Each candidate is thoroughly screened using the latest competency based models.
  • We also evaluate the candidate's technical/functional skills, as well as those behavioral traits necessary for an ideal "cultural" fit.
  • Depending on your needs Phoenix Staffing can administer standard drug testing, additional competency testing and background checks.

Step 4: Employee Selection

  • You may elect to participate in the selection phase of the process, or leave the selection up to us.
  • Either way, we will monitor the progress of our employee to be certain he or she continues to meet your needs and expectations.


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