While some firms may cut corners, Phoenix upholds the highest standards in its staffing services, practices, and professional relationships. 


Temporary Staffing:

Staff for special projects, peak loads, vacation, or leave replacements. 
Phoenix Staffing provides highly qualified and tested employees for short or long-term assignments. Temporary workers remain employees of Phoenix Staffing and we handle weekly payroll, as well as benefits, taxes, and all employment-related functions.

Temp-To-Hire Staffing:

Try before you buy to reduce the risk of bad hires.
Evaluate prospective employees on-the-job before committing to a full-time hiring decision. Phoenix Staffing's temp-to-hire service will help you reduce attrition and improve your cost-to-hire ratios.

Direct Hire Staffing:

Shorten your search for highly skilled, full-time employees.
Phoenix Staffing will recruit, screen, and evaluate candidates on your behalf, while you stay focused on your core competencies. Only the most qualified candidates will be referred to you for final evaluation.

Executive Search:

Locate the best fit executive talent.
Phoenix Staffing's executive recruiters will work with you to custom tailor a recruiting strategy that matches your specific hiring requirements. Through our extensive referral network, as well as by aggressively recruiting exceptional candidates from across the U.S., we will locate the best fit executive talent for your position.


Outsource payroll and reduce the associated costs and burdens.
Put your employees on Phoenix Staffing's payroll, and we will take care of payroll administration, tax reporting and other payroll associated HR responsibilities.


An onsite consultant to coordinate and manage your temporary staffing needs.
Phoenix Staffing can provide an onsite consultant who will work with your HR department to plan staffing needs, ensure all temporary staffing requests are accurately filled, and monitor temporary worker performance to ensure satisfaction.

Single Source Management:

Simplify and streamline your staffing process.
By placing all of your staffing orders with Phoenix Staffing, we will manage sub-vendors and ensure your staffing requirements are accurately filled.

Additional Services:

Helping your business run smoother. 
Aside from providing a full range of traditional and strategic staffing solutions, many of our clients consider us an integral member of their management team. They frequently call on us to help with:

  • Special projects
  • Productivity planning
  • Management reports
  • Background checks
  • Safety training

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